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Contact me for a quote to match your specific needs!

- Are you discrete?
Yes! Your privacy is my top priority.

- What is the difference between a glamour shoot and an adult shoot?
A glamour shoot (or any other custom shoot) is where you hire me to take photos - I won't use these photos in any way shape or form without your express permission (ie I might offer you a discount if you allow me to use photos for advertising, but this will be arranged prior to the shoot). Glamour shoots *can* contain adult material at your discretion. An adult shoot is where I hire you as a model for the purpose of using the photos on my websites, etc. I will be very clear about the use of the photos up front - I can get in a lot of trouble otherwise, so it's in my best interest to be completely honest!

- Can a glamour shoot include sex?
Yes, but it's your responsibility to find a willing partner :)

- Will you pose with me?
Depending on the details of the arrangement, yes. Just make sure to request that when we arrange the shoot.

- Will you do my makeup?
Yes, as long as you request that when we arrange the shoot.

- What are your prices?
I haven't listed them because they vary so much based on the specific arrangements. But to give you a general idea, a very basic glamour shoot with digital media only might cost ~$30 (try to beat that price at a Sears Photo Studio!). A full blown glamour shoot with makeup, digital retouching, and high quality glossy 8x10s might cost ~$200.

- What is the difference between photos on TCD Productions and sets on
Photos on TCD Productions, including commission work, etc are hand selected and individually optimized art-quality images. Photos on are certainly high quality, but they focus less on artistic quality and more on, well . . . sex. While I do occasionally pull an image from my work on, rest assured that if you see it on TCD Productions it has been hand culled and retouched in painstaking detail.

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